Foyle Rescue Equipment Appeal
Foyle Search and Rescue is appealing for rescue equipment for river patrols.

Electric Ireland contacted us at Pillarpix Media to help Foyle Search and Rescue promote their campaign for new equipment.

This crowd funding campaign is looking to reach milestones to provide new equipment for their volunteers in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (£3000), and a new pager system (£6000). Foyle Search & Rescue began in 1993 in response to people in difficulty in the Derry area. They have a team of 15 key volunteers providing 24/7 pager response coverage to those in distress, patrolling the River at identified peak times of need in jeeps, boats and on foot. They have helped more than 1000 people in or near the river, actively rescuing people from the railings surrounding the river, the 3 bridges and directly from the water and we need to expand this service.

We were blown away by the positive energy in the place and the camaraderie. As we were filming on the boat, there was no time to chit-chat as all four of the crew were extremely focused scanning the water and bridges for any potential vulnerable people. We can’t imagine the situations they are in from day to day. Please help support them by watching the video and clicking on the link below.

  • Target 1: £3000 - Personal Protective Equipment

    Shore Patrol volunteers provide our service on the banks of the Foyle. We strive to provide them with all the essential equipment they require to save lives.

    As they operate close to the river’s edge they must have specialist jackets and leggings that provide buoyancy, insulation and high visibility.

    This same gear must also permit mobility while onshore to allow walking and running. £3,000 will replace old kit and equip new volunteers.

  • Target 2: £6000 - New Pager System

    We have an Emergency Response Pager Team, made up of 15 dedicated volunteers who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for incidents and emergencies outside of patrol times.

    This team are paged by the PSNI to respond to potential suicide attempts and incidents in and around the river.

    This team also acts as a body recovery team who search for any person missing in the river and recover the body with the greatest dignity. We wish to replace the current system that we use.

Want to help? Go over to the crowd campaign site

Pillarpix Media delivered an end product we are really happy with. They are hardworking, flexible, diligent and forthcoming with great ideas. With the success we’ve had it is very easy for me to recommend Pillarpix Media.

Colm Moriarty Electric Ireland –